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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow Success stories

0.8 mm of space available

to melt an ice layer in 15 minutes.

Anti-icing heating mat

Rolling stock material suffers very often from weather harsh conditions. Tank heating mats, heating access ramps, wagon floor heating, couplers heating…


One of our customers, a leader in rolling stock manufacturing had a contract to supply several trains to a Scandinavian country. One of the requirements was that the cockpit covering the front train coupler had to be able to open at 20ºC below 0 even with an ice block of 15 cm thickness blocking the front hatch automatic opening

Flexible heating solution for rolling stock

After some tests, it was clear that the automatic opening system was not powerful enough to break the ice without causing damages to the train structure.

The solution

The solution was a heating mat as the one shown in the picture. The silicone mat had to be flexible and had to be embedded in the front hatch system. The custom design from ohmvo with a “ladder shape” allowed the epoxy resins to make a single and robust construction with the mat.


There was no need for extra space with a heating mat thickness of 0.8 mm


The heat transfer was fast and the ice melt in less than 15 minutes

The mat was protected and not visible by the whole structure.


The test was a success. The ice melt within 12 minutes allowing the opening system to open without effort, removing all ice stuck at the front cockpit.

Ohmvo heating mats are EN45545 certified, as well as the cables used for power supply.