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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow Success stories

1 machine, 38 custom shaped heating mats,

powered and controlled by the same source.

Heating mats for industry

In the industrial landscape, the need of heating an object is almost a constant.


From the chemical industry, where most of bio-reactors and containers needs to be temperature controlled, to the storage in drums of temperature sensitive semi-finished products, from pipes transporting warm liquids to packaging equipment that needs to heat their sealing jaws. Avoiding viscosity in some components or removing moisture and condensation in some operating environments: ohmvo’s heating mat is the answer.

ohmvo heating mats for the industry

A great example, it’s our solution for manufacturers of equipment: this is particularly the case for pellet mills or pet food machinery producers. Both are based on the same working procedure. Some ingredients (sawdust and wood or food and special additives) are introduced in a temperature/pressure controlled environment. They are treated, mixed, cooked according to their specific process and at the end of the cycle are extruded trough a perforated cylinder and cut at the desired length. During this process, some “raw” material can be stuck onto the wall of the mixer container, especially for a question of low temperature.


Once, due to its own weight, it collapses, this can obstruct the extruder, slowing or blocking the final step. The Customer asked us to provide a solution for heating in a homogenous way all the components interested by the mixing process.

We provided a solution composed of 38 heating mats for each machine. Every mat has a different shape, for a different area of the system but all are powered and controlled by the same source. In this way, we achieved a homogeneous level of temperature in the whole machinery. The whole solution has been certified ATEX IIIB T120 by the customer itself.


Through the patience of a customer able to explain to us his technology, we provided a really efficient and “unexpected” solution. Only through a great work of the partnership, i.e. a perfect knowledge of the technology and process of the Customer, ohmvo can design the perfect heating mat for satisfying Customer expectations. A partnership is the starting point of every complex project.