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4,0 W/cm2 silicone heating mat

for a dental polymerizing kettle.

High-speed heating

One of our customers, a leader in Dental prosthetic equipment, was in search for an extremely fast heating system. The target was to heat up to 6 Litres in a polymerizing kettle in the shortest time possible. The machine was designed for reduced dimensions and the major part of generated heat had to be transferred to the kettle to avoid heat in the inner body of the machine.


Customer needed a power of 600 W in roughly 16 cm diameter disc (see drawing). The density power had to be around 4/w/cm2 to reach a working temperature above 100ºC very quickly, a power that traditional silicone heating mat solutions cannot reach without burning.

ohmvo heating mats for the dental industry

The solution

Ohmvo proposed a high power heating mat. The “kettle side” (Upper side) was made with the thermal conductive silicone, in order to guarantee a perfect heat transmission and avoid hot spots. The lower side of the mat was made with a 250ºC special silicone to ensure safety and longlife cycles.

Ohmvo was also requested to supply a silicone foam to avoid heat radiation inside the machine and the measuring probe in the hottest point of the mat.