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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow Our products ohmpad

High Performance reusable presspads

ohmpad is the ohmvo family product of high performance silicone rubber designed for use in rigid and rigid-flex multilayer printed circuit boards.

It works in a wide range of process pressures and temperatures, eliminating the need for throwaway pressure distribution elements as: kraft, blotter and other non woven papers.

ohmpad is available with and without rigid aluminum back for better pressing experiences.



Optimal mechanical and thermal properties

High thermal conductivity and dimensional stability

High operating temperature

Consistent performance from the first to the last cycle

Not silicone oil leakage

Not tacky surface


Reduction of waste

Reusable press pads (> 100 cycles*)

ohmvo ohmpad
Reusable presspad ohmvo specifications
Reusable press pad with aluminium