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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow Our products ohmbelt

Standard drum heaters and tank heaters


ohmvo has in stock 3 drum heaters models for standard drum dimensions, 60 L 120 L and 200 L. For dimensions and wattage see below.

In addition, ohmbelt can be customized to any cilindrical need or power wattage. Initially designed as drum heaters, ohmbelt can provide a wide range of possibilities. Heating big round parts for curing (ohmbelt can be manufactured in virtually any needed length), heat treatments, metal dilatation, chemical reactor heat are some of the processes that can be approached by an ohmbelt, replacing big and costly ovens.



  • Fast fluid viscosity reduction
  • High thermal conductivity and heating power
  • High endurance resistance
  • Outstanding flexibility and high metal adhesion
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals – IP67 Grade
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Optimised thermal management
  • Tailored format sizes
  • Easy handling
ohmbelt drum heater

Temperature increase in time

ohmbelt drumheater
ohmbelt calienta bidones