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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

Flexible Heating Products


Silicone heater mat

ohmmat is one of the flexible heating products made of high performance silicone rubber. Our product has outstanding heating performances far beyond similar products in the market.

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ohmbelt – drum heater

Silicone heating belt

If you need a cilindrical heating solution, ohmbelt offers you a wide range of sizes and heating wattage. Initially designed as drum heaters, ohmbelt can provide…

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High Performance reusable presspads

ohmpad is the ohmvo family product of high performance silicone rubber designed for use in rigid and rigid-flex multilayer printed circuit boards.

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Electrically conductive silicone sheet

If you have an application where electromagnetic shielding is needed or you need to balance high potential gradients in high voltage systems, ohmvo has…

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Reusable presspad


High thermal conductive silicone Pad

ohmtherm highly dielectric strength also provides perfect electrical insulation, or if needed a semiconductive foil can be provided.

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