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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow Custom made heating products

Standard and custom designed drum heaters, tank heaters and other cylindrical shape heating solutions

Liquid heating in drums and tanks is commonly needed in the industry. The extreme adaptability, flexibility and heat transmission of ohmvo silicone mats make them the ideal tool to heat or maintain temperature standard drums or big tanks. The easiness of installation and reasonable cost, make the ohmbelt family the ideal solution to enhance a new or existing process plant with heating. Wether it is a standard or fully customized solutions, ohmvo will give you support you need to meet the requirements of your applications.

Standard drum heaters

ohmvo offers a full range of drum heaters: the ohmbelt family. Drum heating is commonly used to maintain temperature or pre-heat up products and reduce viscosity. The ohmbelt family includes a certain number of standard models for 200, 120, 60 and 30 Litres standard drums (See table below). The standard ohmbelts are equipped with a built-in Klixon (Temperature specified by customer at the order) or a regulating thermostat.

ohmvo drum heater
ohmvo drum heater technical specifications

If you have a tank or container you need to heat up, ohmvo is your perfect partner. We listen to your needs and we can supply both the heating mat, the sensors and the temperature control system. 

ohmvo drum heaters and heta map