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ohmvo flexible heat solutions

We make the heat flow The heating team

Jose Maria Llauradô

Usually a friendly guy. A telecom engineer, with more than 25 years’ experience in technical sales worldwide, I chase the dream that any sensible sales professional should abstain from manufacturing.  Manufacturing an outstanding heating product that adapts to our customer needs, or better, that solves our customer problem.  A value-added technologically superior product. Manufactured in Spain, in a company made by outstanding people with higher skills than me, that love what they do and love their company and the place they work in. A cozy team that strives for perfection in all what it does. 


It is the simplest idea I found to make the sales process a piece of cake. 


I was born in Barcelona, in September 1970. I am a telecom engineer. I have worked in three multinational companies, in one big Spanish corporation, and in a medium family company; always in marketing and sales. Fifteen years ago I started in OR64, a small family business specialized in the distribution of technical products for the cable industry. In 2018 OR64’s turn-over was 35 times the one in 2004. Today, I am its main shareholder. In 2014 we created ohmvo. Five years have gone by, and the passion that drives me today is more intense than the one which launched us into this project. We built ohmvo from scratch; we were a bunch of experienced scientists, crazy sales guys, compromised colleagues…We are still working to consolidate the project, but we congratulate ourselves to have manufactured more than 200 designs with many success stories. We have created heating mats that outstand our competition and we have produced heating mats that our competition could not do. We intend to come with new mats that will turn upside down technology. We are growing and developing new ideas. I am proud to participate in this project because ohmvo is a big, big small company and I am a little part of ohmvo.

Francisco Sanchez

Hello everybody, my name is Francisco and I’m the technical manager at ohmvo. I’ve been working in very different industrial & electronic markets such as railway oandphotovoltaic, mixing different technologies and leading projects and product homologation as an EMC engineer. However, I felt the need for a change and I switched to a young company where my creative profile is key, and here I am! 


In general, people sometimes overlook the simple elements too fast without balancing how important are the small details. I mean that kind of details that guarantee project success and later make you smile looking back the results and recognizing your fingerprint on it.


As a passionate photographer, I’m patient and I pay attention to all parts of the scene to capture the perfect moment, its light, its soul, and in the same way, I do my work. So, join us in OHMVO, we are waiting for you for new challenges: we won’t disappoint you. 


Innovation is the key, nothing stays forever!

Steve Keller

I’m the Director of operations at ohmvo, in charge of purchasing and logistics departments.


I’m French, with an English first name, a German second name, and I’m living in Spain for now 22 years: I like to say that I am a real European citizen!


During the first part of my professional career, as purchasing director of the non-food headquarters’ department in a famous French hypermarket company, I took linking to the international business and the personal relationship with suppliers and operational teams.


In my job, like as in my favorite sport, sky running, I try to look up to new and higher challenges so often as possible, nothing should be impossible!

Andreu Ferriz

Bondia! I am a chemical engineer from the Chemical Institute of Sarriá and the R&D manager in ohmvo.


I drive 170km every day to reach our laboratories and this because ohmvo let me express the best of my professional dream. Exploring brand new materials and technologies in a high powered and motivated team is the most challenging experience I’ve ever done, even better of when I was a recognized technology leader, better of when I was jumping all around the world.  worldwide leader.


Persistent, patient, sensitive and with a great working capacity is what my colleagues think about me: my everlasting goal has always been trying to transform my weaknesses in strengths.


I love cinema and sports, but most of all to fade my daily fatigue in the green nature and my professional stress in a glass of wine with friends.


Working in ohmvo is like “juggling”: complying many tasks in a perfect equilibrium. At the beginning you lose many balls, but you try and try again and finally… you can only success!

Ramon Marquez

Hi! I could just say “I’m a Technical Chemical Engineer, with more than 19 years of experience in domestic technical sales, providing solutions to our customers”. I could just add that every day we learn something new and develop industrial applications analyzing the customer’s needs.”…but it wouldn’t be fair about myself. I’m not just that. I’m a sunny guy, that loves life and all unknown aspects that every day I’m obliged to face. Good or bad they are. I can’t see problems since I just see solutions. Totally positive, I’m learning every day how to better invest my time: life is just too short to complain and waste it. Just this. Just ohmvo!

Iñaki Lupiañez

Who am I? A board games and cooking lover and, by the way, the oOhmvo’s production manager. I have a Chemistry degree because I always felt the need to understand the rules of the surrounding universe. I always loved questions and to find the answer. As a never growing kid, I always loved and love to play with flasks and test tubes: this how I find the logical solution to daily professional problems.


Strategic and patient as a skilled board games player and passionate like a child still playing in the mud: this is why our heating mats are the best.

Salvador Trias

Hi!, my name is Salvador, I’m part of the ohmvo Team from the beginning: a visionary project that started with the illusion of a new challenge and that little by little has been growing to a great reality. My professional experience in the industrial sector has always been related to the production processes: my job in this great team is to found the right process to make real the solution. It consists of the equipment maintenance, the process creation or its improvement, in maintaining all equipment and developing tools for R&D or production. Let’s say, I’m a problem solver. As all grown kids, I still love playing with rail modeling and happily shouting watching football and basket. That’s all folks.

Carme Massana

Hola, I’m Carme, the female touch in ohmvo. I’m a lady, a mother, a hardworking, optimistic and empathetic woman who has worked in many types of occupations.


From a food factory to a hardware store, it has all helped me become a versatile person who quickly adapts to new situations. Maybe it’s because I’ve always liked to travel and discover new people. Traveling helps above all to open the mind and understand that there are different ways of seeing life and living it. Applying this to my life and my job helps me to live and work as a team and easily get used to overcoming all problems.