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Ohmvo started its activity in November 2015. It is the result of 5 years’ work on thermal conductivity applied to silicone and the development of a technology coming from printed circuit boards. In fact, the idea was to break the thermal barrier that any source of heat (Printed circuit technology or heating wires) encounters on the existing heating silicone mats. By doing so, we could achieve higher power outputs without damaging the silicone support.


Nowadays, ohmvo offers a thermal conductivity of 1W/m.K, five times more than any similar product. This results in a 30ºC lower working temperature. Moreover, Ohmmat can reach, in perfect adhesion conditions, up to 4 W/cm2 density power.


In addition, ohmvo products are extremely flexible and they adapt to any shape more easily than any other technology.


The Ohmvo team consists of 4 chemical engineers, with great thermal management experience and material impregnations. Their broad knowledge of silicone and material transformation ensures the continuous creation of new products and applications for other markets. For example, Ohmvo created the Ohmpad, a silicone reusable pad with unique performances on flexible and rigid-flex PCB technology.


The ohmvo project is now ready to offer fully customized solutions to any need for heat application. Adaptative, extremely flexible, extremely thin and extremely robust, ohmvo products are a unique solution for our customers’ demand.