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ohmvo has developed a completely new technology
of silicone heating mats and silicone parts.
More flexible, thinner, powerful and adapted
than any other existing mat.

ohmmat, breaking thermal barriers…

Our flexible silicone heating mats are able to transfer heat to any shape with high specific power delivery. Moreover, its flexibility allows it to reach surfaces that any other technologies can reach. Ohmmat meets heater demand up to 250ºC.

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ohmvo - ohmmat

ohmbelt, drum heater…

Excellence in drum heating. With virtually unlimited length, our heating belt adapts to any drum size, shape, tank, rotor you might need to heat.

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ohmvo - drum heater

ohmpad, reusable presspads…

ohmpad is the ohmvo family product of high performance silicone rubber designed for use in rigid and rigid-flex multilayer printed circuit boards.It works in a wide range of process pressures and temperatures, eliminating the need for throwaway pressure distribution elements as: kraft, blotter and other non woven papers.

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ohmvo ohmpad

ohmshield, conductive silicone sheet…

ohmshield is the product name for the electrically semiconductive sheets from ohmvo portfolio. It provides protection against electrostatic discharge and as a gasket ensuring EMI protection.

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ohmtherm, thermal cushioning for an optimum thermal linking…

ohmtherm is a thermally conductive foil with a silicone basis filled with ceramics. It allows heat transfer between two components that cannot achieve a proper thermal interface (height, tolerances, surfaces irregularities…)

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All our products are supported on a modified silicone compound that enhances thermal conductivity. Our exclusive application technology allows a customized product for flexible heating mats, drum heaters, ice protection solutions, epoxy curing applications, silicone electrodes and an infinite number of applications.